Smooth yet psychedelic is called the Nix Hex...

So this is my ode to the man i love and absolutely adore, Nick Hexum. 1st, though, lemme give you a little general background info on the band, 311.(**note: this may not be entirely detailed and completely accurate; this is just a collaboration of info i've either known or heard. so don't yell at me if there's something missing/a little inaccurate**) The 5 members of this great band, nick, sa, p-nut, tim, and chad, are all from the little town of Omaha, Nebraska. They were 1st called the eds and unity before becoming 311. Oh yeah and how they got the name 311: a while ago, when they were 1st starting out, their friend got caught skinny-dipping in other people's pools by the police. finding out that the police code for "indecent exposure" was 311 in omaha, the members grew fond of that code and it just stuck. Some of the other cd's-dammit!,hydroponic, unity, which they produced themselves, are very rare,were originally only sold in Omaha,and are now out of print, so good luck finding them if you want em. There's also a lot of bootlegs floatin around out there: all doped up, teenie weenie, get bombed, downstairs, all spaced out, etc (if anyone has copies of these, email me!)
--The 311 cd's which are out as of now are: Music, Grassroots, self-titled, Transistor, the live japanese import, omaha sessions, and the 311 Live CD.
--right now they're home relaxing taking a well-deserved break, w/ a new album and tour coming soon (hopefully)
--311 songbooks w/ guitar tabs should be out
--nick hexum is guest "singing" on the urge's single, "jump right in". the video is circulating around mtv so look for it
--the next album will probably come out early '99, w/ a tour that year as well
--the possibility of etsd 2 is looking better, but no definite plans as of now
--their video, called Enlarged to Show Detail, it's got concert footage, interviews, just the guys chillin, and it comes w/ a free cd w/ 4 previously unreleased songs-tribute, gap, let the cards fall, and firewater.
--311 was on abc latenight inconcert on April 3-it was pretty stupid, all they did was play the video of "beautiful disaster".
--if you want to join a 311 mailing list, all you gotta do is write to "" w/ "subscribe" in the subject space. you get to talk to 311 fans, ask questions, get people's opinions on 311, it's really cool.
-there's a japanese import out it has live versions of: hive, transistor, homebrew, galaxy, all re-mixed up, prisoner, down, fat chance. my friend got it for me its really really good.
- 311's live album called "311 Live came out on November 3
-they are currently in the studio working on their next album, which should be out around May of 1999
-"311: The Omaha Sessions", a compilation of the band's work before "music" and is currently available through the band's web site (, its really good.
-nick has contributed to the "chef aid (south park)" compilation. no singing though :(

Some 311 stuff i've got

Music, Grassroots, self titled, Transistor, Enlarged to Show Detail, burning ball poster, Music cover poster, Transistor promo poster, pot leaves poster, Down single, Prisoner import single, Down in LA, Transistor record, Dammit, Hydroponic, Sandstone Amp. concert tape, video of 10/14/94 Danbury CT show, 8/24/97 Asbury Park concert tape (the one i went to!), 8/27/97 Jones Beach concert tape, 12/13/96 concert pics of nick and p-nut, 8/25/94 Richmond concert cd, various 311 postcards, Overloaded, Live Japan import, Omaha Sessions

I don't need friends to act like foes cuz i'm Nick Hexum

NAME: Nicholas Lofton Hexum OCCUPATION: positive vibe merchant, lead singer of 311 BIRTHDAY/PLACE: 4/12/70 in Madison Wisconsin, which makes him 28. HAIR: naturally dark brown, now bleached blond mohawk-y kinda hair EYES: blue PETS: 2 dogs, both born in August of '96. Emily, a Doberman and Jake a Miniture pinscher GIRLFRIEND?: yes, named Kiplyn INFLUENCE: heavily influenced by the Clash CLOTHING: co-owns Ginsing, a relatively new clothing company ( POOL GAME: nine ball and bottle pool FOOD:sushi, french food and pizza. cream of wheat for breakfast and mac and cheese with polish sausage for dinner. Ginseng pills most mornings for energy. MUSIC:dj food, outkast, ernest rangling, rebirth of the cool part 4, delasoul, dj shadow, morcheeba. MOOVIES: the godfather, the abyss, barfly, scarface, raging bull. DRINK OF CHOICE: guiness

Say What?...Lyrical (mis)Interpretations
--"my friend started singing plain one day and said ponderosa instead of tabla rosa. i was like what are you singing?!!"
--"this guy I was talking to had the blue album on and at that part said "you make me nervous, thrown dry" OK i do not think that makes sense!"~SK8 2
--"i knew somebody who thought the verse "isn't it random" thought they said "hey hey cinderella"
--"In beautiful disaster I thought the line "pretty train crash to me" was "pretty pink eyes to me" I know that doesn't make any sense but that's how I sung it until about two months ago when I realized I was wrong. Next, in Random, the part "isn't it random" I thought was "this is their anthem" In Tribute, "this one is dedicated to the excitable ones" I thought was "this one is dedicated to the silent ones." I have seen other fans that thought that too."
--"i used to think that it was "connect yourself with the sound" instead of "electrified by the sound" in down."
--"i thought "nothin' but love, but, love"(nix hex) was "nothin' but love, buttlove"
--"There was a girl in my school who thought that in All Mixed Up where they say "So just get off of your ass" she thought it said "Soldiers get off of your ass." It actually sounds like it if you listen close."

tres once links

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Buzzhack, buzz hack...: a page devoted to nick hexum-tons of great pics, lots and lots more
Renegade sound system : a really really cool 311 web site, there's this little clip of "don't stay home" w/ yours truely, Nick
Point of No Return: awesome 311 web site
Tribute: this site's got really good concert pics (from my b-day, no less)
311 Stylee: lots of different 311 stuff, a lot of cool downloads and logos
Legal aliens: guitar tabs, lots of bootlegs, among other things...
Beautiful Disaster: guitar and bass tabs, concert pics...
That boy SA: ALL about that crazy SA
True misdirected hostilities: another cool 311 page
Mike's 311 Site: largest collection of 311 audio clips around (or so he claims...)
you don't have any 311 stuff??: get your very own 311 stuff, inc. cd's, imports, shirts, etc. plus stuff for other bands too

for more nick pics, be sure to check out ""

(there's a link on my main page, it's called "buzzhack")

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